06 August 2010

Witness The Crazy

I have made mention of my most favoritest boss ever, Stoneface, many times on this blog.  Usually I am commenting on his fascination with sandwiches; his inability to have a conversation with me that doesn't involve food, or how I take my coffee; his delicate feelings; his alcoholism.  This is something a little different.  I now have photographic evidence of the bizarre world that Stoneface lives in.  Let me set the scene:

The is a server room near my desk at work, and outside this server room is a blade rack with no blades in it.  See random server rack image below.

Just a basic metal framework.  Well, Stoneface, in what I can only assume was a fit of drunken inspiration, decided it looked much like a guillotine - or the frame of a guillotine.  That lead to this:

That's right; my crazy, drunk (pretty sure he's a stoner too but that actually makes him slightly more appealing) boss taped cardboard and poster paper to the server rack and used my red Sharpie to add the super realistic-looking blood.  Then he skipped around like a giddy little boy and pointed out his creation to everyone.  Yes people, this is my workplace.